I was planning to start a 52-week photo challenge as a new year resolution for 2015. When I told my idea to my photography Professor, Jason Lounds, he extended his willingness to join the challenge. Then we thought, it will be interesting if we get some more people involved in it. So, I created a Facebook event page and sent out invitations to my friends and family.
Unexpectedly, many people showed their interest in joining our adventure. So, I decided to create a Facebook group for the event, CJ’s 52-Week Photo Challenge, which was created on November 16, 2014.
So far, it has been a great success. As of today, we have 75+ members, which is a mix of beginners, intermediates, advanced, and professional photographers. There are members who shoot with phone cameras, point-and-shoot cameras, and DSLR cameras. There have been great discussions going on about photos and photography techniques.

©2014 Chathura Jayasinghe Photography.

To take this adventure one step forward, today, I am starting this photography blog, Shutter Fury. Main objective of this blog is to discuss and share photography tips and techniques, in order to create an ultimate learning platform for our group members. With the great success we had so far, there’s no way that we can predict where this will go in the future. Our adviser, Jason Lounds and I are open for exciting opportunities and challenges this will present to us and to take this venture wherever it takes us. We are looking forward for a great year ahead.