First of all, there are no rules and regulations for this event.  With that being said, following list contains some guidelines that will be helpful for us to carry this challenge forward:

  • This is a photography discussion group.  Therefore, all discussions should be related to photography in some way.  Anyone who enjoys taking photos or looking at photos can join this group. Members who try to publish unrelated posts will be removed from the group without prior notice.
  • Group admin does not hold any responsibility towards the security of personal Facebook profiles. Personal communication between members is solely their decision and members should bare responsibility towards it. Members are advised to take action to protect your personal profiles by changing parameters under “Security,” “Privacy,” “Timeline and Tagging,” and “Blocking” under Facebook “Settings.”
  • 2015 Photo challenge starts on January 01, 2015 and ends on December 31, 2015. Anyone interested in advancing their photography skills and looking for a motivational factor to keep shooting, can participate in this. Basically, you will take one image per week and post it on this Facebook group.  This is an open forum for everyone to talk about photography.  Everyone can provide feedback and critique each image. You don’t need to own a DSLR camera. Use what you already own–even phone cameras will work.
  • As photographers (artists), we should respect other artists.  For the weekly challenge, you can upload only your photos. However, you may share photos from other artists to discuss about those and learn from them, providing proper credits to original artists. Any photo shared without proper credits will be removed from the group page.
  • One member can post ONLY ONE photo per week for the challenge. However, members can share up to TWO other images per week for member feedback.  Please note that, for the weekly challenge, we will not be accepting pictures published on other webpages–photos must be published on Facebook.
  • Members are required to mention week number (E.g., Week 02) in the photo description.  Everyone is encouraged to share camera settings (shutter speed, aperture, and ISO) and background information of photos.  That will help other members to provide feedback and to learn from each other.
  • You may assign a specific theme/topic for your photos or feel free to explore different avenues of photography each and every week.  Group admin will provide OPTIONAL weekly themes for members who would like to have one.
  • For the challenge, try to post photos that are not more than TWO weeks old. This is not a rule, however, this will help us achieve our main goal, KEEP SHOOTING.
  • Members
    are welcome to share any information related along with your photos. You can share camera
    settings, lighting methods, equipment used, geographic location, interesting facts about geographic location, post processing techniques, software used, background information about the subject, etc.,
  • There will be quarterly photo contests during the year 2015.  Group admin will update members about rules, regulations, guidelines, and prizes, before every contest starts.

We want everyone to explore photography and have fun with it.  Feel free to communicate questions or concerns you may have.